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  • AWARDS 2024 dates criteria | poodle-club

    member Awards 2024 Club Awards available for members to work toward are: The Etta Hawkswood Memorial Trophy commences January ends September 30th 2023 . THE POODLE CLUB OF QUEENSLAND INC- POINTSCORE RULES 2023 Open to all Poodles who compete within their variety whose Owners are Financial Members of the Poodle Club of Queensland Inc. BEST BABY, MINOR & PUPPY–Class – 3points for 1ST, 2points for 2ND, 1Point for 3RD. Best Baby, Minor & Puppy of Breed – 5 Points. Best Baby, Minor & Puppy of Group – 10 Points. Best Baby, Minor & Puppy of Show – 15 Points. Minor and puppy also can gain bonus points for Challenge and BOB, etc . ADULTS OF BREED (over 12 months)– CLASS – 3 Points FOR 1ST, 2 Points FOR 2ND, 1point FOR 3RD. BONUS POINTS CHALLENGE – 5 Points. BEST OF BREED – 10 Points. BEST OF GROUP – 15 Points. BEST OF CLASS IN GROUP – 10 Points BEST OF CLASS IN SHOW – 15 Points BEST IN SHOW-- 20 Points RULES Cut off date – 31st October 2024 for shows. Best six (6) shows taken for points. If Dog or Bitch is eligible to enter in more than one class, only best wins will be counted. All participants and Owners of Dogs or Bitches must be Financial Members of the Poodle Club of Queensland Inc. City Members are those in QLD, South of Maryborough to Border of QLD / NSW. Country Members are those North of Maryborough showgrounds and West to Warwick who are QLD residents. Interstate members can attend any Champion show and submit best 6 shows (MUST BE SEPERATE DAYS NOT ALL SAME WEEKEND) . Country members are to send in their best six (6) Kennel club or Breed shows by 30th September for assessment – NO Agricultural Shows included. All wins to be authenticated in a marked Catalogue and Group. In Show Awards to be signed on each page by secretary of Show. Copies of challenge certificates if applicable to be sent. Take a photo of the marked catalogue if necessary include name of show and date. City Recorder on point score committee will record at City Listed Shows. Pledges for Donations Must be sent in by the end of September for recognition and Preparation of Trophies. Special Awards may be Donated by Members for any of the Listed Classes must be in by the END of December ​ ALL results for financial members fully owned poodles will be recorded and be eligible for this award Secretary – ​ For those whose residential address falls within the boundaries of the NSW border up to Maryborough and west through to Warwick. The following shows are those counted toward the Pointscore in 2024. Any member who lives interstate or above Maryborough show grounds you can either do any of these listed shows or Region 2 or 3 for QLD residents ONLY. When submitting final results ONLY 6 shows with highest wins or placings will be considered for each poodle entered. ​ SHOWS – (CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWS ONLY) Where Dogs QLD makes a show date change refer to secretary for clarification. If any show is cancelled or not held a substitute show will be advised 28.01.24 Gold Coast CC Champ show Durack (Sunday) 02.03.24 Gundog & Heavy Breeds Club CC Champ show Durack ( Sat only) 17.03.24 Burnett KC Champ Show Wondai grounds (SUN only) 31.03.24 Bundaberg CC Champ show Bundaberg show grounds (Sunday) 07.04.24 Pine Rivers KC champ show Venue to be advised (Sunday) 25.04.24 PAWS AID ANZAC DAY SHOW Durack (Thursday) 27.05.24 Caboolture CC champ Show Durack (Saturday only) 09.06.24 Yuggera KC Champ show Durack (Sunday only) 22.06.24 QLD Kennel council Champ show Durack (Saturday only) 07.07.24 The Poodle Club of QLD Champ show 1 Durack 07.07.24 The Poodle Club of QLD Champ show 2 Durack 20.07.24 Maree KC Champ show Durack (Sat) 04.08.24 Northern classic KC Champ show Durack one show only 13.08.24 Royal National Show EKKA Grp7 EKKA show (day to be advised) 31.08.24 Burnett KC Champ show Wondai (Sat ) 08.09.24 Redcliffe KC Champ show Venue TBA (Sun) 28.09.24 Nanango KC Nanango showgrounds (Sat) 07.10.24 Beaudesert KC Beaudesert showgrounds (Mon) 26.10.24 Ladies Kennel Club Durack (Sat) ​ ​ If any show is cancelled or not held a substitute show will be advised ​ ​ The Trish Hogg memorial outstanding conformation Poodle Award commences with the Poodle Club Open shows 10.3.204. As Trish was a past president of The Poodle Club of QLD and dedicated worker for the club this award was created in her memory. Points will be awarded to the registered conformation show poodle of any variety who competes in any of the following shows throughout 2024 and obtains the highest result: Poodle must be fully owned by person showing it. Be a member of the Poodle Club of QLD and Be a member of ANKC via one of the state controlling bodies. ​ The 2 open shows 10th March 2024 The Poodle Club Champion show 7th July 2024 The RNA Group 7 Sat 12th August 2023 (one show only TBA) The other prestigous shows to be counted are: Junior KC show 21/4/24 Yuggera CACIB KC show 8/6/24 API / WATERLOO BAY KC / PAWS AID 22/9/24 ​ As an extra bonus in 2024 ANY eligible member who attends the Poodles in the Park days in May or September, works on the EKKA stall, or assists with show set up/take down, Will earn BONUS POINTS! Points Class in Group 10 points Best in Show 50 points Runner up in show 25 points Class in show 20 points Owner / Breeder extra 10 points Other points 10 for volunteering or prize giving etc ​ The Sylvia Everest Memorial Trophy for most versatile poodle. The second trophy/Award will be known as ‘The Poodle Versatility Award’ was introduced in 2021 is for all members of the club who compete in sports throughout 2024 , if you are a poodle owner and a club member you will need to also belong to Dogs QLD or your state body to participate. Any dog sport recognised by ANKC is included, Obedience, Agility, Rally O, Lure coursing, Endurance, Tracking, Dances with Dogs, trick dog, etc. Any ANKC sanctioned competition anywhere in Australia is eligible for points. Sports trophy “The Versatile Poodle” for owner who titles poodles in any sports related field (obedience, agility, Rally O, Lure, tracking, ET, herding etc.). This would include members with limit registered poodles as well. Any competition in the sporting arena throughout 202 4 will count. Commences January 2024 Completes November 30th 2024 POINTS will be allocated as follows: For entering 5 points For qualifying round 20 points For any special award achieved 50 points Owner /breeder extra 10 points Good luck with these awards. You must notify the club secretary of date of competition, type or event and your result preferably with either a challenge certificate or other official result. ​

  • Club information | poodle-club

    Up Coming Events EVEN TS 2024 Open shows x 2 10th March 2024 Durack Dog Sports grounds King Avenue . Pet Parade at open show 10/3/24 Poodles in the Park Meadowbrook 11/5/24 Champion shows x2 7/7/24 Durack Dog Sports grounds King Avenue. RNA (EKKA Group 7 ) Saturday 10th Auguast 2024 Poodles in the Park Northside 4/9/24 Kalinga Park Club Meetings Meeting Dates and Meeting venue to be advised: ALL MEETINGS USUALLY 7.00pm start NEXT Meeting 9 th April 2024 General Meeting By Zoom ​ Log in code will be sent on the morning of the meeting. ​ 13.12.22 ​ Christmas Party Christmas Party 2024 will be At The Lucky Tree Tavern King Avenue Durack (formaly Durack Tavern) To Be Advised Please contact Charlene Hills or Paula Morgan if you would like to attend .

  • Pet Parade Entry registration 2024 | poodle-club

    Poodle Club Open Show PET POODLE PARADE Welcome all poodles to come along to a special event and join in with the festivities at the upcoming Poodle Club of QLD Inc. Open shows. Join in the parade to show off your best collar and lead, preened coat and have your owner dress up and pop on their fancy hat. ​ WHEN: Sunday 10th March 2024 TIME 1230pm ​ WHERE: Dogs QLD sports Grounds King Avenue Durack (opposite Durack Tavern) ​ COST: $2 per dog entered ​ Lots of fun on the day meet breeders and their poodles of all sizes and colours! ​ Enquires: Club Secretary Paula - ​ PRE REGISTRATION ESSENTIAL - complete form below ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Poodle Pet Parade First Name Last Name Email Phone Names of poodles attending and size Register Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

  • Constitution | poodle-club

    Constitution Click arrow above to open The Poodle Club of QLD Inc. is affiliated with the National Breed controlling body Dogs Australia -' in turn part of the State controlling body "Dogs Queensland" as a not for profit organisation we are bound by the governing bodies to uphold a standard of excellence within our breed club. ​ ​ The club constitution is currently being updated . The old version is attached above for viewing in its current form. ​ All members ne ed to be aware of the importance of upholding a standard as a member and while breeding, dealing with the public when selling a poodle and while showing or competing at various events. ​ ​ ​

  • Contact | poodle-club

    Membership Fees (Click here to go to page) The Poodle Club of Queensland INC. PO Box 171 Aspley Qld 4034 Mob: 0414 501 707 As this site does not support emails if any query please contact the secretary at or President Please click on Images to go to Websites. ​ The Poodle Club of Queensland Inc. Is proudly sponsored by:

  • CLUB AWARDS WINNERS 2022 | poodle-club

    POODLE CLUB AWARD WINNERS 2022 Etta Hawkswood Memorial 2022 Pointscore Winners Baby Puppy Adithe Cha Sorpraysa Variety - Toy Owner - Judith McRobie ​ Minor Puppy - Bienaime Quiet Achiever Variety - Miniature Owner - Sandy Darling ​ Puppy - Ziada Walk Right Back Variety - Toy Owner - Jenny, Di, & Jo Craig ​ Adult - Ch Morpaudl Dezigned N Zilva Variety - Miniature Owner - Paula Morgan ​ Adult - Ch Adithe Youre My World Variety - Toy Owner - Judith McRobie ​ Adult - Ch. Evoluer Fireworks Variety - Standard Owner - Krystal Flouskos & Marty Mason ​ ​ Sylvia Everest Memorial Versatile Poodle Award For members who participate in any sports with their Poodles. 2022 Julie Sponberg Miniature Poodle Neuter 'Ploom Professor Jones' Tk.s Tk.n Trick Dog awards Trish Hogg Memorial Conformation Award Neuter Division - Di Craig 1st Owner Breeder Exhibitor Miniature Bitch Neuter Neuter Ch / Ch Ziada Secret Voodoo Magic ​ Open Division - Krystal Flouskos / Marty Mason 1st Owner Breeder Exhibitor Standard Poodle Ch. Evoluer Fireworks ​

  • About poodles | poodle-club

    ​ SO YOU WANT TO OWN A POODLE The basic areas to explore when planning to purchase a Poodle are: The Breeder - Registered /reputable / recommended / will they mentor you? Variety - Consider expense, size, your situation, family, holidays etc. The Vet – your new best friend Accommodation – safe, secure, clean, comfortable, weatherproof Food – no fads, just basic good nutrition for physical fitness Exercise – socialization at first, more physical exercise as puppy matures,then daily commitment. Grooming routines – after puppy training, 5 minutes daily, ½ hour weekly and 6 weekly groomer visits (your new second best friend) Training – early puppy training in particular involves a time commitment by you. Use your local Obedience Club (check the Dogs QLD website ). Companionship – your Poodle is a friend, not an accessory. History The Poodle's origins can be found mainly in Germany, France and Russia. The word Poodle derives from the German word ‘Pudel’ meaning to splash in water. Appearing in European art from the fifteenth century (1400's), the poodle became the national dog of France and a popular companion dog. Poodle Clubs were formed in the United Kingdom in 1876, in the USA in 1931 and in New South Wales in 1955. ​ Did you know Winston Churchill owned a Miniature Poodle called ‘Rufus’? ​ The Standard Poodles are the largest of the breed and primarily bred as water retrievers. The thick coat and the traditional trims reflect the practical requirements of retrieving in cold European waters. Miniature and Toy Poodles were developed over the centuries as companions, circus and street performers, and for searching out truffles, the mushroom-like fungus used in gourmet cooking. In Australia Poodles performed in circuses on the gold fields in the nineteenth century. Poodles first appeared in a show catalogue at the Sydney Royal Easter Show of 1873. At first all Poodles were shown as ‘Standards’. The first classification of Miniature Poodle at a Sydney Royal Easter Show occurred in 1950. Toy Poodles are now extremely popular. Finding your Poodle – Research the breed this can’t be stressed firmly enough, poodles do think they are humans on 4 paws, they will own you not vice versa! They are a very intelligent breed and crave companionship. Research the breeder, find those that breed the size you want, get recommendation from someone who knows the breed, avoid cross breed dogs despite the stories you will hear, crossing poodles with other breeds only serves to create genetic time bombs, shorten life spans, often leading to early blindness, huge vet bills with heart and limb problems, poor temperaments and often other serious problems, definitely not what you want in a poodle. A reputable poodle breeder will have good lines in their breeding, usually stick to one or two solid colours and can show you genetic test results, often they will have all their breeding stock to view and can show you previous litter information to give you a better idea of size, colour and look of pup. Their pups will be robust healthy pups, good size litters, and excellent temperament and give you a positive, passionate vibe for their dogs. They will also be supportive in your choices and offer after sales support and be professional with all dealings with you. Suitability with children - all dogs require responsible training and socialization to become good companions. Poodles of all sizes are suitable to be around children as long as supervised by a responsible adult. Children should also be provided with advice so they can learn about the needs of the dog and be aware of basic handling requirements. It is important children remain calm around dogs and young children may require additional supervision. Toy Poodles are small dogs and may require extra care to avoid injury from active, boisterous children. Standard Poodles are large dogs and young children cannot be expected to take responsibility for them. Exercise requirements Can you commit? Adult Standard Poodles benefit from regular, moderately vigorous outside exercise and stimulation. However, puppy outings (after 12-weeks of age) should be primarily for experience and socialization, and care should be taken not to over exercise the pup. The smaller varieties of Poodles also benefit from regular outings, especially if living in an apartment or townhouse. Smaller Poodles can be satisfied with a mix of walks and active games in a good sized garden. Diet and exercise need to be in balance to avoid weight issues. Avoid rigorous exercise in hot weather and immediately after meals. Dogs should have access to fresh water. Height, size and longevity The Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) recognizes only three sizes. These are: Standard 38cm (15 inches) and over at the top of the shoulder, and usually over 55cm (22 inches) at the shoulder; Miniature 28cm (11 inches) and under 38cm (15 inches); Toy under 28cm (11 inches). ‘Pocket Poodle’, ‘Teacup Poodle’ or ‘Royal Standard Poodle’ are not recognized in Australia. Toy poodle’s average life span is 12 years; miniature poodles can live up to 16 years, Standards being a larger dog usually has a shorter lifespan but can live up to 15yrs. ​ Colour confusion Colours according to the ANKC a Poodle can be any solid colour including black, white, cream, brown, silver, blue, and apricot. Some of these solid colours will have shade variants especially Browns, silvers, apricot and blue, however they must be solid colour, and show no miss mark colour in their coats. Mixed colour or parti-colour (two different colours in coat)Poodles cannot be shown on full register, but can compete in Obedience, Agility and Rally-O and other dog sports on the limited register. Silver and Blue poodles are born jet black with tiny wisps of grayish tinged hair in pads of feet, over the first few weeks fading of the black wool to show patches of grey indicates a silver or blue, it can take up to 3 years for the poodle to complete the colour change. Blues have a blue tinge to skin and often look brownish in the sun or strong light silvers grow black new growth wool in their coat which as it grows longer slowly fades to silver or grey, they also have a different texture to their coat and often remain ‘softer’ to touch then other colours. RED is NOT a colour it is ONLY a shade variation of apricot. ​ Coat maintenance All Poodles require daily attention and regular brushing, bathing and trimming. Regular clipping (e.g. 6-week cycles) and a short pet or sporting trim can help to reduce the amount of work required. The coat must never be allowed to mat or tangle and care must be taken to keep the eyes, ears (inside and out), mouth, feet and anal area clean. Diet and products used in coat can influence overall colour, wool strength and density. Bitches going through season or in pup will often drop coat and a colour change happens when new coat grows through. With Browns, and apricots strong sunlight will bleach the coat. The Poodle coat changes to a harsher, denser quality at around 10-12 months of age. During this period matting must be avoided in pet Poodles with daily brushing and by keeping the coat short. Show Poodles require frequent bathing, brushing and trimming during coat change. The adult plush quality coat lends itself to easy trimming. The true Poodle coat does not shed like other dogs and is said to be non-allergenic. These qualities (and others) can be lost by careless breeding and by cross breeding. ​ Are you the ideal Poodle owner? The ideal Poodle owner is a caring, sensible person who takes the responsibilities of owning a dog seriously and is willing to commit to regular grooming sessions. The Poodle owner must have the capacity to provide quality lifelong care including accommodation, coat care, feeding, exercise, training, health care (when required) and companionship. Poodles thrive on human companionship and do not do well if deprived of this companionship for extended periods of time on a regular basis. ​ Toy Poodle Miniature Poodle Standard Poodle

  • Poodles in the Park Fun Day 2024 | poodle-club

    Club information Poodles in the Park Fun Day 2024 Welcome to the club About poodles Club Committee 2024 Membership application Groomers Breeders Poodle Rescue Conformation Shows Obedience, Trick Dog, Lure Coursing Agility, Rally O, Edurance Show Results AWARDS 2024 dates criteria Champ show photos 2021 Copy of CLUB AWARDS WINNERS 2021 CLUB AWARDS WINNERS 2022 Photo's New Link Contact Links Search Results Membership application Constitution Photos September 2022 Photo's September 2021 Click here POODLES IN THE PARK WHEN: SATURDAY May 11th 2024 TIME: STARTS PROMPTLY AT 10am ( REGISTER at 9.00 am ) WHERE: Riverdale Park Armstrong Road Meadowbrook. Look for the club purple banners Check The POODLE CLUB OF QLD Inc website for registration details closer to date Calling all pet poodles and their owners come along to the annual POODLES in the park fun day. Bring your owners and friends, tell them to bring your water bowl, a hat and chair for the humans. ****ALL Poodles MUST BE on leads*** The day is organized by The Poodle Club of QLD Inc. and is a great day out for all things poodle and offers a mini show with a small entry fee. FUN COMPETITIONS CUTEST LONGEST EARS MOST OBEDIENT MOST PLAYFUL PRETTIEST COLOUR BEST PET CLIP MOST MATURED (oldest dog) WAGGIEST TAIL BEST FANCY DRESSED DOG & OWNER There will be a FREE sausage sizzle to follow and drinks available to purchase. CONTACTS Enquiries please ph.: Charlene on 0407151339 (evenings only) or Paula on email PIP REGISTRATION First name Last name Email Poodle Name/ Size Toy Mini Standard Click here to submit> Thank you for submitting

  • Champ show photos 2021 | poodle-club

    Champion Show Photo's 2021 Ch. Ziada Legendary Reign Owner J. Craig Winner Best Toy of Variety Sash donated by Toy Poodle Club of Victoria Ch. Morpaudl Dezigned N Zilva - Miniature Bitch Owner -P Morgan Winner Bred by Exhibitor in Show Neut Ch. Argenoir Lord of the Dance -Neut Toy Owner - A. Scott Winner Neuter in Show Ziada Dangerous Diamond -Miniature Bitch Owner D. Craig Winner Junior in Show Silkyelk Back In Time -Toy Dog Owner -D Randall Winner Baby in Show

  • Conformation Shows | poodle-club

    Poodle Club of Qld Inc. 2 Open Shows 10th March 2024 2023 Results are posted for the open and champ shows are on results page Championship Show 7th JULY 2024 ​ We would like to invite all Poodle Exhibitors both local and from around Australia to come ( when possible)and participate in our Open and Championship Shows. ​ If you would like more information please contact our Secretary - Paula Morgan on

  • Welcome to the club | poodle-club

    Welcome to the Poodle Club of Qld Inc website The committee would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a warm welcome and hope this site will be useful to you, if you would like more information on our club, please contact our Hon. Secretary on the email address below. HISTORY of the Queensland Club - The Poodle Club of Queensland Inc. is a not for profit organisation founded in 1968. ​ The Poodle Club is affiliated with Dogs QLD which is a member of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). The ANKC is the leading body for pure bred dog organisations in Australia. The Club is also a founding member of the National Poodle Council which operates under the auspices of the ANKC. The Poodle Club of Queensland Inc. represents all three varieties of the Breed. These are differentiated by size (not by colour) and are: Standard Poodles: 38cm (15 inches) and over at the shoulder Miniature Poodles: under 38cm but not under 28cm (11 inches) at the shoulder Toy Poodles: under 28cm (11 inches) at the shoulder The club had its 50th Anniversary of inception in 2018, celebrating with a invitational speciality Championship show presided over by Mr Jack MacGillivary a poodle specialist judge from the USA, it was well attended, enjoyed by all, some photo's from the event will be added to our website. ​ There has been several prominent founding club members in the early beginnings and throughout the years who initially came together sharing their love of poodles and enjoyment of breeding and showing the three varieties, Standards, Miniature and Toy poodles. Profiles of some of our early foundation members will be added to the history pages in due course. The club in honouring their memories have introduced specific awards, one is the Etta Hawkswood Annual Pointscore Trophy, another is the Patricia Hogg memorial achievement award, and the newly introduced Poodle versatility award. ​ The club holds 2 open shows in March, a Champion show in July and 2 pet poodle fun days annually one in May on the Southside and one in September on the Northside. We offer both pet and show membership, encourage pet owners to become Dogs QLD affiliates so they can have an active role on the club committee. ​ There is a rescue and rehome service provided and also invite any poodle owners or intended owners to contact any of the members or committee for assistance in sourcing a poodle or if experiencing any issues with your poodle. ​ There is a club newsletter sent out 2nd monthly via email or post to all financial members, or to those who are sponsors, or who would like to subscribe to receive one if they place an advertisement for any puppies or dog related items.

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