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       member Awards 2024

Club Awards available for members to work toward are:

The Etta Hawkswood Memorial Trophy commences January ends September 30th 2023.


 Open to all Poodles who compete within their variety whose Owners are Financial Members of the Poodle Club of Queensland Inc.


BEST BABY, MINOR & PUPPY–Class – 3points for 1ST, 2points for 2ND, 1Point for 3RD.

Best Baby, Minor & Puppy of Breed –   5 Points.

Best Baby, Minor & Puppy of Group – 10 Points.

Best Baby, Minor & Puppy of Show –  15 Points.

Minor and puppy also can gain bonus points for Challenge and BOB, etc


ADULTS OF BREED (over 12 months)– CLASS – 3 Points FOR 1ST, 2 Points FOR 2ND, 1point FOR 3RD.



CHALLENGE –                              5 Points.

BEST OF BREED –                      10 Points.

BEST OF GROUP –                      15 Points.


BEST OF CLASS IN SHOW –      15 Points 

BEST IN SHOW--                          20 Points



Cut off date – 31st October 2024 for shows.    Best six (6) shows taken for points.

If Dog or Bitch is eligible to enter in more than one class, only best wins will be counted.

All participants and Owners of Dogs or Bitches must be Financial Members of the Poodle Club of Queensland Inc.

City Members are those in QLD, South of Maryborough to Border of QLD / NSW.

Country Members are those  North of Maryborough showgrounds and West to Warwick who are QLD residents. Interstate members can attend any Champion show and submit best 6 shows (MUST BE SEPERATE DAYS NOT ALL SAME WEEKEND).

Country members are to send in their best six (6) Kennel club or Breed shows by 30th September for assessment  – NO Agricultural Shows included.

All wins to be authenticated in a marked Catalogue and Group. In Show Awards to be signed on each page by secretary of Show. Copies of challenge certificates if applicable to be sent. Take a photo of the marked catalogue if necessary include name of show and date.

City Recorder on point score committee will record at City Listed Shows.

Pledges for Donations Must be sent in by the end of September for recognition and Preparation of Trophies.

Special Awards may be Donated by Members for any of the Listed Classes must be in by the END of December

ALL results for financial members fully owned poodles will be recorded and be eligible for this award Secretary –

For those whose residential address falls within the boundaries of the NSW border up to Maryborough and west through to Warwick. The following shows are those counted toward the Pointscore in 2024. Any member who lives interstate or above Maryborough show grounds you can either do any of these listed shows or Region 2 or 3 for QLD residents ONLY. When submitting final results ONLY 6 shows with highest wins or placings will be considered for each poodle entered.


Where Dogs QLD makes a show date change refer to secretary for clarification.

If any show is cancelled or not held a substitute show will be advised


28.01.24 Gold Coast CC Champ show                                          Durack (Sunday)

02.03.24 Gundog & Heavy Breeds Club CC Champ show           Durack ( Sat only)

17.03.24 Burnett KC Champ Show                                                Wondai grounds (SUN only)

31.03.24 Bundaberg CC Champ show                                            Bundaberg show grounds (Sunday)

07.04.24 Pine Rivers KC champ show                                            Dayboro showgrounds (Sunday)

25.04.24   PAWS AID ANZAC DAY SHOW                                Durack (Thursday)

27.05.24 Caboolture CC champ Show                                             Durack  (Saturday only)

09.06.24 Yuggera KC Champ show                                                 Durack  (Sunday only)

22.06.24 QLD Kennel council  Champ show                                   Durack (Saturday only)

07.07.24 The Poodle Club of QLD Champ show 1                          Durack

07.07.24 The Poodle Club of QLD Champ show 2                          Durack

20.07.24  Maree KC Champ show                                                    Durack (Sat)

04.08.24  Northern classic KC Champ show                                    Durack one show only

10.08.24 Royal National Show EKKA Grp7                                     EKKA show (SHOW 1 only)

31.08.24 Burnett  KC Champ show                                                   Wondai (Sat )

08.09.24 Redcliffe KC Champ show                                                 Venue TBA (Sun)

28.09.24 Nanango KC                                                                       Nanango showgrounds (Sat)

07.10.24   Beaudesert KC                                                                  Beaudesert showgrounds (Mon)

26.10.24 Ladies Kennel Club                                                            Durack (Sat)

If any show is cancelled or not held a substitute show will be advised

The Trish Hogg memorial outstanding conformation Poodle Award commences with the

Poodle Club Open shows 10.3.204.

As Trish was a past president of The Poodle Club of QLD and dedicated worker for the club this award was created in her memory.

Points will be awarded to the registered conformation show poodle of any variety who competes in any of the following shows throughout 2024 and obtains the highest result:

Poodle must be fully owned by person showing it. Be a member of the Poodle Club of QLD and Be a member of ANKC via one of the state controlling bodies.

The 2 open shows  10th March 2024 

The Poodle Club Champion show x 2 7th July 2024

The RNA Group 7 Sat 10th August 2024 (SHOW 1 ONLY)

The other prestigous shows to be counted are:

Junior KC show 21/4/24

Yuggera CACIB KC show  9/6/24


As an extra bonus in 2024 ANY eligible member who attends the Poodles in the Park days in May or September, works on the EKKA stall, or assists with show set up/take down, Will earn BONUS POINTS!



Class in Group 10 points        Best in Show 50 points                     Runner up in show 25 points

Class in show 20 points         Owner / Breeder extra 10 points

Other points 10 for volunteering or prize giving etc


The Sylvia Everest Memorial Trophy for most versatile poodle.

The second trophy/Award  will be known as ‘The Poodle Versatility Award’ was  introduced in 2021 is for all members of the club who compete in sports throughout 2024, if you are a poodle owner and a club member you will need to also belong to Dogs QLD or your state body to participate.

Any dog sport recognised by ANKC is included, Obedience, Agility, Rally O, Lure coursing, Endurance, Tracking, Dances with Dogs, trick dog, etc.

Any ANKC sanctioned competition anywhere in Australia is eligible for points.

Sports trophy “The Versatile Poodle” for owner who titles poodles in any sports related field (obedience, agility, Rally O, Lure, tracking, ET, herding etc.). This would include members with limit registered poodles as well.

Any competition in the sporting arena throughout 2024 will count. Commences  January 2024 Completes November 30th 2024

POINTS will be allocated as follows:

For entering 5 points       For qualifying round 20 points   For any special award achieved 50 points

Owner /breeder extra 10 points

Good luck with these awards.

You must notify the club secretary of date of competition, type or event and your result preferably with either a challenge certificate or other official result.


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