Obedience :Agility : Rally O : Trick Dog: Lure coursing



Poodles are very versatile, they excel at all forms of dog sports. Training for any of the listed sports is an organised activity conducted through a large number of local clubs all over Queensland.  A full list of these clubs can be found by visiting the Dogs Queensland website www.cccq.org.au


There are different levels of Obedience, Agility, Rally O, Trick Dog and Lure Coursing Training and a dog and his/her handler can graduate from one to the other.  At any Trial you can compete in classes for each level.  As an example these are the Obedience levels:


Community Companion dog (Trial award C.C.D) - involving basic heel on lead, stand, recall and sit/stay, down/stay exercises.


Novice (Trial Award C.D) - free heeling, more complex recall and retrieve and longer stays.


Open (Trial Award C.D.X) - more complex recall, retrieve, stay, jump and handler out of sight exercises.


Utility (Trial Award) U.D) - this involves finding lost articles, scent discrimination, signal exercises and a range of other complex exercises.


Utility Dog Excellent (Trial Award U.D.X) - this involves more complex extensions of the U.D. exercises.