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Welcome to the Poodle Club of Qld Inc website


The committee would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a warm welcome and hope this site will be useful to you, if you would like more information on our club, please contact our Hon. Secretary on the email address below.

HISTORY of the Queensland Club -

The Poodle Club of Queensland Inc. is a not for profit organisation founded in 1968.

The Poodle Club is affiliated with Dogs QLD which is a member of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).  The ANKC is the leading body for pure bred dog organisations in Australia.


The Club is also a founding member of the National Poodle Council which operates under the auspices of the ANKC.


The Poodle Club of Queensland Inc. represents all three varieties of the Breed.  These are differentiated by size (not by colour) and are:


  •  Standard Poodles:  38cm (15 inches) and over at the shoulder

  •  Miniature Poodles:  under 38cm but not under 28cm (11 inches) at the shoulder

  •  Toy Poodles:           under 28cm (11 inches) at the shoulder


The club had its 50th Anniversary of inception in 2018, celebrating with a invitational speciality Championship show presided over by Mr Jack MacGillivary a poodle specialist judge from the USA, it was well attended, enjoyed by all, some photo's from the event will be added to our website.

There has been several prominent founding club members in the early beginnings and throughout the years who initially came together sharing their love of poodles and enjoyment of breeding and showing the three varieties, Standards, Miniature and Toy poodles. Profiles of some of our early foundation members will be added to the history pages in due course. The club in honouring their memories have introduced specific awards, one is the Etta Hawkswood Annual Pointscore Trophy, another is the Patricia Hogg memorial achievement award, and the newly introduced Poodle versatility award.

The club holds 2 open shows in March, a Champion show in July and 2 pet poodle fun days annually one in May on the Southside and one in September on the Northside.  We offer both pet and show membership, encourage pet owners to  become Dogs QLD affiliates  so they can have an active role on the club committee.

There is a rescue and rehome service provided and also invite any poodle owners or intended owners  to contact any of the members or committee for assistance in sourcing a poodle or if experiencing any issues with your poodle.

There is a club newsletter sent out 2nd monthly via email or post to all financial members, or to those who are sponsors, or who would like to subscribe to receive one if they place an advertisement for any puppies or dog related items. 

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